How Can You See the Unfollowers and People Who Are Not Following You on Instagram?

We are providing services on Instagram as But Instagram has decided to close the applications that show who is not following.

We could have developed a system that requires your user name and password but as this system will be less secure and open to mistakes, in order to keep our quality we decided not to continue our services with Facebook.

Similar Applicaitions

There are various applications where you can see who deleted you but these applications require user name and password. Some of the applications are not properly working even though they have user name and password.

We are not recommending you to use user names and passwords. This may cause security problems.

We are following!

We are following ever development on this subject. If there are any improvements, we are going to provide this service form where we have left.

But don't forget, as we will never develop untrusted or spamming application. And we will work hard on each platform to provide the best infrastructure.

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Will You Support Us?

We are not demanding any payment for this service. We are not using your accounts to sell followers or promote a product to earn money. Our aim is to provide you a quality service. But to provide this service, we should maintain the infrastructure costs. Can you support us by recommending to your friends to grow our service quality and provide a better service? instagram takipçi satın al ucuz takipçi satın al tiktok takipçi satın al