How Does the System Work?

The list consists of the people you are following and people following you are collected with Developer Service (API) of the platform and recorded on our system. The specially developed algorithm provides the modules of people who unfollowed you and people who are not following you. This algorithm runs every time you log in to the system.
Developer Service (API) is the name of the system provided by large platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to the application developer and it is completely secure system.

Security of Our Site

Applications working with Developer Services (API) of platforms are safe. Some applications on the market demand for user name and password, which is not safe. As we are providing services with the API support from Instagram and Facebook. But these two platforms have removed their API support on follower/friends. As the situation turned this way, rather than becoming an application that requests user name and password, we removed these platforms from the site. Thus our application does not ask for user name/password and therefore it is secured.

We Are Not Spamming!

After taking your permission for the application, some applications can share without your knowledge and can follow a person without yoru permission. People who are selling followers are using this application permissions to follow some accounts, sell followers or to promote a product. On our site you will never experience such a thing. This application focuses on providing service.

Will You Support Us?

We are not demanding any payment for this service. We are not using your accounts to sell followers or promote a product to earn money. Our aim is to provide you a quality service. But to provide this service, we should maintain the infrastructure costs. Can you support us by recommending to your friends to grow our service quality and provide a better service? instagram takipçi satın al ucuz takipçi satın al tiktok takipçi satın al